Learn to Paint with a Stencil

Come and Practice your Paint Stenciling with me!

I have put this video together to show you how to use a stencil with your art work. Stencils are great for people who get nervous when painting or for beginners to the painting world! 

The example I have used below is for a snowman’s scarf, but stencils are great to use for lots of different things

What are Stencils?

Stencils are typically thin sheets of material, such as paper or plastic, with cut out shapes or designs. You then use the material to produce a design by applying paint through the cut-out holes in the material.

They can produce a unique handcrafted finishes and awesome patterns. It gives you a more consistent and polished look in a fraction of the time and they come in so many different designs and patterns.

What supplies do I need to follow along with the video?

You will need:

  • Stencil (You can buy yours here!)
  • Paint
  • Sponges

My recommendation and top tip would be to use a dauber with a wooden handle so you can keep your hands clean or use a rubber glove with a regular sponge. 

Also, it is best to use thin acrylic paints! Or, you can thin out thicker acrylics with water  🙂

If you need supplies, I have all of my favorites in my Amazon shop. You can find my favorite products here.

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