Keep your Kids Busy: Get Creative!

Keep your Kids Busy: Get Creative!

Most of you know me as the lady who cuts wooden door hangers and teaches you how to paint them. 

Well that’s not changing! 

For a while now, I have been including an 8 1/2 x 11 print out with every template I created. Being a mom with two kids at home and knowing how stressful that can be, I have decided to do a weekly kids art project.


At Kinsley’s Creative Palette, we are starting to offer free and fun creative sessions for your children to enjoy each week!

You will need minimal supplies, you can get involved too and it’s a great opportunity to have some creative fun with your children without even leaving the house!

We have put together a “one-stop-shop” for all your supplies at the bottom of this post. Check it out and let’s get started!  


We will paint a different design each week and it will give your kids a chance to let their creativity run free! It is also an awesome opportunity for them to learn new skills and build confidence when it comes to painting. 

This is designed to be fun and they will be using the print-out template, there is also a chance for the parents and grandparents to join in painting the door-hanger too! 

So, grab your supplies, templates and get ready for our first session on Thursday 19th March.

For our first session we will be painting with an Easter Template. Grab it here!  

All videos will be on our Facebook page at this link

Here's what you will need....

Here’s a list of what you will need to join in with us each week. All supplies will be delivered straight to your font door, so there’s no need to even leave the house! Click on the blue links below to shop my favorite art retailer and see the exact products that I recommend… 

If you already have all these supplies, great! You are ready to go! 
Follow the link below and grab your template ready for our first session!

On Thursday, 19th March we will be using the Bunny in Pail template

Bringing things back to the parents and grandparents, do YOU want to paint with us every month?

Learn to Paint Wooden Door Hangers from home and gain confidence and become a better version of yourself! I have created a list of helpful resources to get you started on a super fun, creative journey to confidence!!! 

If you would like to see what wooden door hanger templates are available, click here… 

To see all of my must-have tools for cutting and painting door hangers, check out my Amazon affiliate shop here… 

If you want to join my Virtual Paint Party and get creative with me and a bunch of other amazing people, click on the button below to get involved! 

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