How can I throw my own kid’s paint party???

What comes in a Paint Party Kit?

Kinsley’s Kloset has created a paint party kit that includes 10 wooden door hangers (lots of themes to choose from), a set of paint, and a printable PDF guide “How to Throw a Successful Kids Paint Party”.  Don’t worry, the instructions are super easy and each kit comes with pictures for inspiration.

Having a party with boys and girls?  No problem!  Just select the ‘Choose Two Shapes’ paint party package and you can choose a boy shape and a girl shape so no one feels left out! 

Best of all it’s shipped straight to your door (Hassle-FREE)!

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Why is the Party in a Box a Great Package? 

Are you looking for an easy way to throw a successful party?? Avoid the typical worries of party planning and let us send you what you need to keep the kids busy making memories!

You want your child to have the best party imaginable without the stress!

Or maybe you want to create a bonding experience with your kids that will last a life time.

This party kit can even be used for church events, sleepovers, birthday parties or creative projects for those summer days when your kiddos say they are bored!

If you want fun memories with your children, this Party in a Box makes it easy for you! 

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