Type of Wood to Use for Door Hangers

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Types of Wood to Use for Door Hangers

When it comes to our Door hangers, we only want the best! Hence, using the right type of wood for your door hangers can work wonders.

In this video, Kara talks about which wood to use for your door hangers, her personal favorite wood type and the options available when it comes to choosing the right wood for your projects. She also discusses both MDF and Tri-PLY underlayment, while giving the benefits of both. 

Check out the video below to find out which wood is best for your door hanger projects. In addition, Kara gives some great tips for cutting your wood to get started.

Also, we have lots of videos and articles that we have put together to help beginners get started with painting door hangers and give tips to those who want to develop their door hanger painting skills. 

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Video: Wood for Door Hangers

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