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I am so glad you are here!!


First off, congrats on taking this step to spend time being creative and doing something for you!!  Whether you are doing this for personal enjoyment, creative therapy or you are learning to make door hangers to sell, I am glad you are here!!  

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Please note that I am a mom and wife first, business owner second. 🙂 I am all about priorities and loving on your family (and especially kids because they are only little for so long)!   If you ask a question and I don’t answer right away, I am so sorry.  I do take weekends and nights with my family.  xoxo- Kara


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Most everything you need can be found at your local big box store.  I recommend having paint, brushes, paint pens and disposable plates to use as paint palettes.  Also, if you are cutting your own signs, you will need to get some wood, a jigsaw and a sander.  If you want to drill holes for wire, you will need a drill and wire as well.  If you don’t want to drill holes, you can always use a stapler and twine.  To make it super easy for you, I show you all of my favorite supplies here in my Amazon store.

One place that I love to purchase my art supplies from is Dick Blick.  They are not very well known, but they carry great brands at great prices and often times they will have free shipping and % off purchase promos.  They have a great selection too!!

If you would like to order a starter set of paint and brushes directly from me, you can purchase those here.


I have created a members vault so that you can see all of the sign tutorials in one place!  You can purchase old templates (don’t forget to use your 50% off code!) and sign cutouts if you would like to paint past projects.  You can access that vault with the button below. 

And finally...

In the members library, we have so many helpful videos teaching you how to cut with a jigsaw, assemble the printable templates and more!  As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!  You can email me at [email protected]

Hugs, Kara Replica Watches