Elephants door hanger template



This listing is for a digital file.  You will receive a pdf and jpeg for immediate download upon purchase completion.

You can print this at home on any printer.  The blockposter will be several sheets that you will tape together to create your large door hanger template.  You will cut around it and then trace it onto your wood.  I use 1/4 tri-ply underlayment, but you can use any wood or wood product you like.  Many use MDF for their door hangers.  After tracing, you can use a jigsaw (or scroll saw) to cut out your shape.  I recommend a mouse hand sander to sand the edges down after cutting.  (All of these products can be found in my Amazon store here if you would like to use the same products I use.)

This download is approximately 16 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

If you would rather purchase pre-cut door hangers, click here.  If you don’t see the shape you are looking for, just ask!

xoxo- Kara


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