Organizing Your Craft Space

How to Organize your Craft Space

Now, some may say, you can never have too many supplies. And, in some ways, it’s true! BUT, finding the right supplies can sometimes be difficult. And, what’s even more difficult is organizing them!

There are just so many different crafting choices out there! From paint brushes, tracing paper sizes to watercolor pens….the list is endless! 

And, it can be confusing for those who have just started out in the crafting and door hanger painting world. 

We promote the Virtual Paint Party membership as a way to de-stress and relax. We don’t want you worrying about supplies! 

So, we have put all our recommended products in our Amazon Store, which can be found here. 

Also, in every blog post, we have listed all the supplies you need for that template. But, if you are ever unsure, just ask 🙂 

Another great supplier which we use regularly is Dick Blick. They offer high quality products and regularly have deals and offers available through their website. 

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The Crafter's Drawers ...

Once you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to organize them!!

Every crafter is different and have their own way of doing things. But, one of our favorite things is to have all our arts and craft supplies in one place. With that in mind, we would recommend you getting a movable / wheel-able drawer set where you can store all your supplies! 

Here’s a breakdown of what we would recommend putting in your drawers:

Selection of paints. We recommend storing your paints upside down so you will be able to quickly identify which color you want / need. Depending on which paint bottles you have, you may have to remove the drawer above to accommodate for the bottles standing up. 

Special papers. For example, mixed media pads, graphite paper and tracing paper. 

Table cloth or table protector. We would recommend purchasing a felt backed table cloth as they are reusable and more durable compared to others on the market. After use, this can then be rolled up and stored in one of the drawers. 

Stencils. These are great for adding patterns to your door hangers!

Spray sealer and lazy Susan. Now, if you plan on putting your creation outside, for example putting your door hanger on your front door! You will need a spray sealer to ensure durability. Also, our new favorite, the lazy Susan! A great addition to any crafter’s supplies. 

Disposable paper plates and clothes. Disposable plates are awesome as paint trays. Plus, having a microfiber cloth in your drawer always comes in handy when drying your paint brush or cleaning up any spills during your session. The microfiber cloth dries super quick, so you can just keep using the same one over and over again for the same project!

If you decide to go for a drawer set with an area on top for extra supplies, we would recommend having a caddy full of different size paint brushes and pen styles.

Having them at reachable distance is ideal and very convenient. 

With this complete drawer set, all you will need to get is a bucket of water and you will be ready to go!

Here’s the link to grab your drawer set.  

Routine Door Hanger Template Supplies

For most door hanger templates, these are the supplies that we recommend getting hold of: 

Click on the blue links below to shop at our favorite art retailer and see the exact products that we recommend… 

If you already have all these supplies, great! 

You are ready to go! All you will need is your template. Check out our collection of templates here. 

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