Must Have Paint Brushes for Painting Door Hangers

Must Have Paint Brushes for Painting
Door Hangers

Paint brushes are very much a personal preference. But, we get a lot of questions about which brushes to use when starting out painting door hangers. 

So, Kara wanted to share with you all her favorite brushes! Each time she paints, she has 8 brushes in her pot. 

Let’s break it down and have a look … 

– Base coat brush with a plastic handle. The size of this brush is just over 1inch. 

– Smaller base coat brush – Size 1 flat brush

– Triangle handled brush – Size. 5/8 flat brush. This brush is great for painting polka dots!

– Triangle handled brush – Size 10 flat brush. This brush is also great for painting polka dots! This brush usually comes in a package with other triangle handled brushes. 

– Angular shader – This is similar to the flat brush but it is angled slightly. This brush is a similar size to the 5/8 flat brush. 

– Angular shader – Size 6.

– 2 x smaller rounded brushes, which are great for fine details.  

A top tip is to use more stiff brushes for sharp and crisp edges and lines. The brushes used for painting door hangers is much different compared to painting on canvas. You need more control over the brush to add the finer details.

Check out the video below for more details as Kara talks you through her favorite brushes. 

Check out the video walk-thru

Grab your Paint Brushes

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