Learn to Paint Flowers

Learn to Paint Flowers

Flowers are beautiful. Even if you don’t like to receive live flowers, I’m sure you can agree that the pattern of different flowers can be stunning. I recently created a post relating specifically to sunflowers, but the reality is, flowers in general are gorgeous, easy, and essentially pretty universal.

I’ve recently uploaded a video designed to help you learn how to paint flowers. It may seem a little redundant, but it’s quite the contrary. Flowers come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, colors and variations. There’s something different to tickle everyone’s fancy.

In this most recent video, I actually paint flowers on to a board, which will serve as a door hanger. This goes to show just how universal flowers can be. It also goes to show how universal your painting can be. You don’t have to be Picasso and expect your paintings to hang from art gallery walls around the world. Instead, you can be confident that you can put your painting to good use right around your own house.

So what are some of the basics of painting flowers?

There’s the brush type you use, the colors you choose to use, the type of paint you want, and of course, there’s whatever you want your canvas to be. As I’ve already stated, I am using a decorative board. If you want to follow along with something similar, that’s great, head to your local craft shop and find just the right thing. If you just want to practice on paper you already have in the house, that’s fine too.

The point is to help guide you into your new hobby and help you learn a new thing to paint.

I personally prefer stiffer brushes, but that is of course personal preference. You definitely want to start with a base color when you are doing your flowers. In the video I have created a few different color flowers, which require different color bases. This further goes to show you that painting can be as creative and wonderful as you make it. 

Oh, and did I mention for flower you only need THREE colors. That’s right, half of what we used to create the sunflowers. So if you started with the sunflowers and they didn’t quite work out for you, don’t give up now. (I can tell you haven’t because you’re still reading this post and checking out the videos.) Instead, try out these flowers that may be a little simpler for you.

So what will you need?

  • A small paintbrush. (I prefer the stiffer bristles as I stated before)
  • 3 paint colors of your choice. (For some flowers, I used a very light pink for the base and then two other variations of pink. Depending on how you want your flowers to look, you could also add in some white as I did and even some yellow dots in the middle. But of course, it’s whatever is easiest for you. )
  • A plate to put your paint on.
  • And water to wash your brushes in.

That’s it! And the canvas or board of course. And would you believe this is as simple as starting with a few C movements. You can do that! Check out the video and follow along.

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