Paint a Wooden Door Hanger Pencil

Painting a Pencil

Have you ever done something you’ve never done before? Of course you have! The real question is, how excited were you about doing it?

I don’t know about you but I always love getting creative with the things I paint! Whether it be a new shape, a new canvas, or a completely new color scheme than what I’m used to at the moment, something new is always exciting.

Whether painting is just a hobby for you, you work with kids, or you just enjoy making crafts with your own kids, trying different ideas and getting creative with your painting can always be fun and exciting!

Why a pencil?

This is exactly what I did in my last tutorial. If you missed it, don’t worry I will have the link down below for you to check it out and paint along too! What was exciting was that I got a little creative, and took an ordinary object (a pencil) and decided to paint it. Now I didn’t take a literal pencil and paint that, but instead I created a pencil shaped canvas and painted it. (Though depending on how creative you like to be with your painting, painting an actual pencil may not be too bad. If you’ve ever tried it out, let me know how that turned out for you.)

As always, I don’t chose things that are very difficult to paint, but rather are simple and easy for those of us who aren’t professional artists. I want everyone to participate and be able to be proud of his or her own finished product!

My canvas is a pretty large pencil shape because it is going on a door at the school, but if you’d like you could start out with a smaller pencil shape. Whatever is more convenient for you.

What do I need to follow along?

I used a wide paintbrush to allow me to cover more space. (There is also a template available for the actual pencil I used, just share the video or this post and let me know and I will email you the template!)

The colors I used were white, orange, and yellow for the base coat. This created a school bus yellow. I used a light brown khaki color for the pencil tip. (Mixing brown and white would work fine as well.) And lastly, I used some black paint for the tip, and then I mixed a magenta and bubble gum color as well.

If you don’t have all the colors, that’s fine. Get as creative as you’d like. You don’t have to follow the color scheme exactly; you can use it as a guide on your painting technique in general. If you do use different colors, post a pic! I’d love to see!

Also, if you need supplies, I have all of my favorites in my Amazon shop. You can find my favorite products here.

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