How to Paint Leopard Print

Let me show you how to Paint Leopard Print

Leopard print, or cheetah print, is a fun and edgy design that is super fun to paint!

Painting leopard and cheetah spots is super quick and easy to do. It is a perfect painting design for someone who is new to painting or doesn’t have much time.

The end result is a beautiful design with contrasting colors, just like the animals fur itself.

How to paint leopard print

Leopard Print Top Tips

  • When you’re painting this design, remember to try and offset the black and bring out that second color.
  • For my brown color, I used a mixture of burnt orange and espresso colors. It worked really well and I would recommend this for you too! Check out my paint mixing at minute 14:13 on the YouTube video.
  • The design looks really cute on a turquoise or hot pink color!

Leopard Print YouTube Demonstration

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