How to Cut Door Hangers with a Jigsaw

Let me show you how to cut with a jigsaw

Using an electric jigsaw can be scary for some people, but don’t worry, it’s really easy! And, personally I think it’s definitely the best tool to use when cutting door hangers. 

There are a few things you need to get set up before you start cutting. 

First, you need to find yourself a jigsaw, you need to choose the right blade for your project and then you need to find a stable surface to cut on.

Also, it might be worth considering using a template when cutting as it’s a much easier option, especially if you are a beginner. Having lines to follow is so much simpler than just drawing it freehand! Plus, you’re less likely to mess up!  

If you have all that set up, then you are pretty much ready to start!  

Remember, there’s no need to be scared about using the jigsaw. Let me talk you through it step by step….


How to cut door hangers with a jigsaw

Choosing the right Jigsaw for the job

There are thousands of jigsaws out there, trust me, I’ve done the research and tried a lot over the years! 

You can find the jigsaw I currently use in my Amazon affiliate store located here. It’s great! 

My preferred jigsaw is awesome for cutting door hangers and has loads of super cool features like a rotation in both directions and variable speed settings. It’s also a great beginners jigsaw too as it has a laser which keeps your cuts on the straight and narrow!

I talk about my chosen jigsaw more in my YouTube video below, check it out for more information. 

Finding the right blade for your project

Now, choosing the right blade all depends on your project. The thicker your wood, the larger the blade you need. 

I tend to buy a multi-pack blade set, that way I am ready for any project which might pop up! You can find the multi-pack set I buy in my Amazon affiliate store here


Make sure you use your jigsaw on a stable surface

A common mistake among jigsaw novices is not cutting on a stable enough surface or one that is too small for the chunk of wood that you are using. You need to make sure that your wood is stable enough when cutting, otherwise you will blank with the jigsaw causing a possible issue with your cut. 

My advice would be to invest in a suitable cutting table (one like you can see on my third YouTube video), as they can be adjusted depending on the project you are doing. Which is awesome!

The more confident you get with using a jigsaw, you could maybe start cutting on a normal table (one like you can see on my second YouTube video). But, you always have to remember to just keep the wood as stable as possible to made sure you get a clean cut. 

Also, you need to make sure you have enough space as some cuts will require you to move the wood around the table, or even move yourself around! 

Using a Template

I always use a template when I am cutting with a jigsaw. It just makes things SO much easier!! 

If you are new to using a jigsaw or you’re a nervous cutter, using a template makes things a lot more simple. 

With a template, you will have specific lines to follow while cutting rather than just going for it freehand and hoping for the best!

I have loads of AWESOME templates available on my online shop. You can find them here

What supplies do I need to follow along with the video?

You will need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Jigsaw blades
  • Stable surface
  • Template

In the two videos below I show you how to use a jigsaw, what I do when cutting and how to get the best results. 

Also, if you need supplies, I have all of my favorites in my Amazon shop. You can find my favorite products here.

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