DIY Home Decor Box Signup
I cannot wait to show you what surprise waits in the first box, but until then I had a few questions come up and I wanted to answer them…

1) Do you need to know how to paint to do this project? 
Nope, no experience required. I will hold your hand through the whole project and you will end up with an adorable home decor piece each month. 

2) Will it be door hangers? 
Nope. I have another membership for that. This is fun, DIY home decor projects.  😉 That being said, sometimes the projects we create would look adorable on your door.  

3) What types of decor will we be creating?
Tiered tray decor, picture frame (displays), banners, table decor, signs and more!

4) Can I just do one month to try it? 

Yep, you sure can!  Just make sure that you cancel your subscription at least 3 business days prior to your payment date. 

5) What day does my payment come out every month? 

Great question! It will come out the same day every month… so if you sign up on the 13th, your payment will draft each month on the 13th.

6) Where can I view the video showing how to complete the project?
Well… you will be put into a private FB group where you can join me for the unboxing and the live assembly and even do it along with me!

7) What if I can make it that night live?
That’s okay! You will be able to go back and watch the video in the group anytime! 

8) What if I don’t have a Facebook account?
That’s okay! Within 2 days of the un-boxing and assembly of the craft box, we will email all of that month’s members a link to watch the video on Youtube.  🙂   

9) What is this private FB group I mentioned?

Oh man, what a great question! It is a fun group of creative, uplifting women that share the desire to be more creative. 

We absolutely cannot wait to have you!! Come join us and don’t miss out on the fun!!

DIY Home Decor Box Signup
What is a DIY Home Decor Box?? 
Make being more creative and taking time for yourself a priority in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣!!! Reserve your box today!

Only 15 boxes LEFT! Signups are closing in 2 days!! We are waiting for you!

I wanted to answer some questions you might have about the projects and the box.

📦 $35 for local pick up in Zanesville or $43 to have it shipped to you
📦 you get a surprise kit made just for you with a fun wooden, DIY home decor project every single month
📦 you get to be in the private Facebook members-only group
📦 but there’s always a LIVE video in the group you can access anytime showing you how to do your project
📦all supplies are included in your kit- you might want to use something from home once in a while (like a glue gun or blow dryer)
📦 you can cancel at any time- but why would you want to?
📦 sign up once and never have to worry about it again
📦 invite your friends and family to sign up with you and you’ll have someone to craft with either virtually or in-person
📦 or enjoy a quiet evening alone getting crafty

Who’s ready to get crafty with us??

Each box is a surprise because we all need something happy in our lives right now.

DIY Home Decor Box Signup