Crafting with Scrap Wood

Using up some scraps to make Gnomes!

Looking for a fun way to use up all of those thin wooden scraps from cutting wooden door hangers all year long?  Join me for a fun painting session as I paint this set of buffalo plaid Christmas trees and Christmas gnomes….

What supplies do you need?

I used tri-ply underlayment scraps for the trees and cut with my miter saw, but you can use whatever wood and saw you have on hand.  The gnomes were cut from mdf as it doesn’t splinter as bad as plywood. 🙂 Grab the FREE printable gnome template to cut your own with the button below.  

I also used paint and a buffalo plaid stencil and microfiber towels that I have linked in my amazon affiliate store.

Here is a link to my Amazon affiliate store where I have my favorite stencils, microfiber towels, graphite paper and paint markers listed. 

Want to paint with us every month?

Learn to Paint Wooden Door Hangers from home and gain confidence and become a better version of yourself! I have created a list of helpful resources to get you started on a super fun, creative journey to confidence!!! 

If you would like to see what wooden door hanger templates are available, click here… 

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To see all of my must-have tools for cutting and painting door hangers, check out my Amazon affiliate shop here… 

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If you would like to see the Believe sign we did with Buffalo plaid and snowflakes, you can check it out here

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