About me

Hey friends!  I’m Kara, owner of Kinsley’s Creative Palette. When my kiddos were babies I fell in love with fabric and embroidery and made them ALL THE CUTE CLOTHES! When they got older and outgrew their love for matching outfits, I started looking for more crafty things to get into. We were living in Chattanooga, TN and there was a little door hanger paint shop that I LOVED to visit.  When I left there not only did I have something fantastic to hang on my door, but I was so relaxed and rejuvenated from getting to “check out” for a couple hours and be creative.  I knew how much I would miss this outlet and decided to open a studio of my own in 2016 when we moved to Ohio. 

Over the last five years my business has transitioned to having an online door hanger membership and owning a DIY subscription box membership. When we moved to Alabama in 2021, my business had to change once again. I felt God tell me it was time to end my door hanger membership and my DIY subscription box membership and it was time to help other ladies start (and maintain) their own memberships while I restart my in person DIY paint studio! So, here I am!

– Kara