$10 Workshop:
Create a 20 Minute DIY Flag

Discover a new project that will help you explore your creative side,
boost your self-esteem, and most importantly, have FUN!

I can't wait to show you step-by-step how to paint and create
a DIY Flag in about 20 minutes - EVEN IF you have never painted before!

  • What if it wasn’t as hard as you imagine it to be and you could make an amazing project in just 20 minutes?
  • What if you were given a list with the exact supplies you need AND videos showing you step-by-step how to use them? 
  • What if you finally realized your full potential and uncovered a relaxing, therapeutic outlet to help you reduce stress AND gain confidence?
  • What if you finally had a way to unplug and escape from the daily struggles and you could do it all from home?

YES!! That's right.  I take ladies at whatever skill level they are and help them discover their potential.

I'm talking to you!! (You think you're the only one that just whispered under your breath, "My artwork will never look like that?" or "There is no way I can do that!"). Nope! I hear it Every. Single. Day.

And every single day I help women move past their doubts and insecurities and discover a love of creativity.

What they had to say...

I think your teaching methods are right on point and at a good pace. You teach like you are my best friend sitting at my kitchen table and we are having so much fun learning together. I am so happy I found you!!!
Debbie Keeter
Thank you so much for inspiring me to take the plunge!!! I cannot wait! You are just so down to earth and that's why I love watching you so much. You do Awesome work!!!
Kathy Howington
I really enjoyed the video, thank you so much! I've recently picked up crafting as a hobby so I'm pretty new to this. Really appreciate you adding a link for the products you used. Very helpful.
Norma Nunez

Take a Moment for Yourself.

Do you think you already have too much on your plate? Maybe you feel the stress of everyday life. Whether you work a stressful job, care for elderly parents, have painful medical conditions or are just having a tough time making it through your day-to-day life, I see you. It is so hard to be the best version of yourself when you are mentally and physically drained. 

I discovered almost four years ago that painting was like creative therapy. I began painting to help fill up some of what the world was draining out of me.  It was a time of escape and gave me a chance to be still, listen to what God was trying to tell me, and return to the world recharged and full of hope and strength. You HAVE to choose to take time for yourself or you have NOTHING left for others! 

I have been helping women step out of their comfort zones and learn to paint for 4 years now.
Finding a creative outlet is life changing! You could be next!

That’s Right!  You DO Have What it Takes!

Do you see all these adorable crafting projects on Pinterest and in your Facebook feed and think they are cute, but think that yours would never turn out like theirs? Wish you had someone to hold your hand and walk you through creating one? Let me be that person for you!  Let me help show you the path to creating a DIY flag project so you can test out this creative outlet for yourself.

Friend, this $10 WORKSHOP was created just for you!

I will literally walk you through the entire process!  No more guessing what supplies you need, what type of paint you should buy or how to give your project that adorable finishing touch. By the time you finish this workshop, you will be so excited to show off your flag AND you will be calm and relaxed from the creative journey you just took!!

Finally create adorable craft projects that you are proud to show off, give as gifts, or even sell.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Workshop: 

This workshop is valued at $47. But for a limited time, I am offering it for only $10! 

Register NOW for this limited-time offer! 

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