"Our mission is to help women gain confidence through creativity."
Kinsley's Creative Palette


*Do you have times when you feel like you really need a break, but don’t know how to de-stress? 

*Would you love to have a creative outlet to help relieve tension and anxiety?

*Do you suffer from overwhelm, anxiety or depression and want to build confidence?

If you answered YES to any of these, you are in the right place!


Want to Learn to Paint wooden door hangers from Home?
No experience necessary! 
Let me show you how!
Our mission is to help women gain confidence through creativity.
One of the amazing side effects happens to be.. RELAXATION and LESS STRESS! It’s like therapy at home!
You have so many hats to wear and so many people pulling at you on a daily basis, that it can be hard to relax and take the time you need to recharge so you can show up as the best you.
Four years ago I discovered that painting door hangers did just that for me and now I help hundreds of women just like you and me use this hobby to de-stress every single month.
Hi! I’m Kara with Kinsley’s Creative Palette and I would love to help you fall in love with painting and finally have something that is just for you!
First, make sure you click the button below and get on our waitlist! Then, I would love it if you would check out some of my FREE tutorials on my blog. I share my favorite resources, tips and tricks and even have a FREE Lettering with Templates workshop you can sign up for.  

Our Virtual Paint Party Opens in September!


Virtual Paint Party

Our Monthly Membership and Online Community
Learn, Build Confidence and HAVE FUN!
What’s Included:
  • Step by step video tutorial showing you to paint one new project a month with a downloadable  or blank template mailed to you each month.
  • Monthly lettering project and an opportunity to letter with Kara live each month.
  • 50% coupon code for all digital templates and 20% coupon code for all blank templates.  
  • Access to the 2021 Members Retreat! Dates TBA.
  • Tips and tricks to help you learn to become a better painter in less time!
  • Be a part of an amazing Facebook community of like-minded encouraging women that will help you on your creative journey! This is also an opportunity to gain supportive feedback on your work and help you improve step by step.
  • Access to an entire vault of past projects where you will be able to purchase the digital template (with the 50% discount code!!) and paint along in your own time.
  • Quick start video series showing you how to make your first project from start to finish. 

Our Virtual Paint Party Opens in September!

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